Step into the forefront of cryptocurrency mining with Jasminer miners from Bull Miners, where superior performance meets unparalleled energy efficiency at the market’s most competitive prices. Experience the power of advanced chip technology and optimized algorithms that not only enhance computing power but also ensure stable, reliable mining operations for continuous revenue generation. With Jasminer miners, embrace the perfect blend of user-friendly operation and reduced operating costs, setting a new standard in maximizing your mining profitability in the dynamic crypto landscape.

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Jasminer X16-P

Original price was: € 7,500.00.Current price is: € 6,872.00.

Jasminer X4

Original price was: € 11,384.00.Current price is: € 9,829.00.

JasminerĀ X4-Q

Original price was: € 928.00.Current price is: € 699.00.


Original price was: € 1,873.00.Current price is: € 1,499.00.